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Nils von Yoga in Heidelberg Ashtanga YogaIch bin Nils Jacob. Um Yoga für den heutigen Menschen nutzbar zu machen erscheint mir eine multiperspektivsche Hermeneutik zwischen den Schnittstellen der alten Weisheitstraditionen mit den rezenten Ergebnissen der Naturwissenschaft am sinnvollsten. Hieraus können für Körper und Geist heilsame praktische Techniken entnommen werden, deren Anwendung sich in vielerlei Hinsicht lohnt.

Seit 2014 unterrichte ich Yoga in Heidelberg am PYI. Seit 2018 halte ich einen M.A. in Kultur- und Religionsgeschichte Südasiens und Religionswissenschaft. Ich bin Musiker, Ökoaktivist ( ( und Familienvater.






Pietro Autorino Heidelberg Ashtanga Yoga

My name is Pietro. I came to Ashtanga Yoga by chance, when I was 16, I was probably just looking for something different from my mates, something hip, to craft the alternative “me”, and instead I found something that pushed me to grow, grow, grow, out of my late teenage comfort zone, and up until today continues to deeply challenge me. I met a wonderful teacher, yet the most humble woman, Tina Pizzimenti, to whom I am forever grateful. She taught me to acceptance for my weaknesses, and not always search for the readymade satisfactory answers, but rather trust that all will be coming to me at due time. I amire Tina for the patience, humbleness and care that she showed in guiding me into the practice of Ashtanga Yoga. I aspire to reproduce such qualities, as I enter this new stage of my path, where I come to teach others myself. I am also grateful for the space and the trust I received from Nils and my students: that allows me to handover what I received from Tina and other teachers, but also to grow much further as a yogi myself.


Beyond teaching at PYI in Heidelberg and at the Yoga Centre C7 of Mannheim’s University, I am currently completing my teacher training (AYI certified) with Dr Ronald Steiner, Ralph Otto and Eberhard Bärr. Before coming to Yoga, I thought I would’ve become a performer, and I still pursue my passion for clowning and physical theatre on the side, with my Indian menthor Ashwath Bhatt. In 2015 I also had the chance to train at the School of Philippe Gaulier, the French master of Clown and Bouffon. After my BA in Development Studies and History at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, I continue studying (MA Transcultural Studies, Heidelberg), with my research on Community Supported Agriculture, the Anthropocene, and Border Studies. Three years ago I moved to Heidelberg, where my son Josef came to the world. Here, I am also an active member of the Solawi in the Rhein-Neckar Kreis, while every other Summer I work on a Family Farm in the Swiss Alps, shepherding majestic brown cows, and chasing goats.



My "love story" with yoga began circa 6 years ago, July 2012, when a friend brought me to my first yoga class. Just few days later, I attended my first Ashtanga yoga led class, however, my favourite at that time was still Power vinyasa yoga. Only 2 years later, in Italy, in search of a Power vinyasa yoga class, I discovered Ashtanga yoga Mysore style, an extremely challenging, meditative and deeply transformative practice that I never left ever since. I considered January 2014 the beginning of my journey into Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. During the following years, I practiced with great teachers, among them Manju Jois, Saraswati, David Svenson, John Scott and Lino Miele which I never left ever since.

At the beginning of 2018, I travelled to India for 3 months to completed a 200H Ashtanga yoga teacher training ( and deepen my yoga practice with Lino Miele. During the time I spent in Mysore, I had the great opportunity to learn the chanting of the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali from Dr. M. A. Jayashree, a former Professor of Sanskrit and now the founder of the Anantha Research Foundation, and Pranayama techniques from BNS Iyengar, the oldest living student of Sri T. Krishnamacharya and a man with an incredible wisdom and knowledge of yoga. 

In our Western world we identify yoga with a physical practice. For me yoga is much more than just a physical practice and I am still on the journey of discovering what is the not physical aspect of it. I believe that through the practice of Ashtanga yoga, we can achieve the union of our physical and spiritual beings. In fact, the root of the word yoga, yuj-, means to unite.
I welcome all of you to share your practice with me and to experience through the assisted self-practice, the revolutionary and transformative power of Ashtanga yoga.