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Andres Covelli Handstand Workshop
PYInstitute - Bergheimer Str. 147, 69118 Heidelberg

Welcome to the Upside down with Andrés

If you have been wondering how to build up a handstand practice and take that challenge, you are in the right place let me tell you that. Handstands are a physical movement form, and even a sport of their own, at the same time a foundation to many other disciplines, like Capoeira, Crossfit, Acrobatics...

Practicing handstands will help you to build strength in the hands, shoulders, core, and legs....also it will deepen the neurological connections in your brain, increasing your capacity of focus, spacial awareness. With my most attentive mind and well crafted drills I will guide you progressively into different handstand shapes.

Andrés Covelli

the desire to move every part of my body, the passion to be anything I can imagine, the need to play in life, to stand on may hands and spin on my head. To bend backwards and forward, to roll over like a little kid, to fall over just to get up again. This is how I learnt to live my life. Lover of nature, collector of tattoos, believer of magic and the power of love..

This is what led me to yoga years ago. I wanted to keep the energy flowing and to challenge myself daily. The combination of strength, peace, balance and power that yoga offers, caught my attention immediately. Klicke hier um noch mehr über Andrés herauszufinden.


Datum: 02.11.2019

Zeit: 14:30 - 17:00 Uhr

Ort: PYI - Bergheimer Str. 147, 1. OG links, 69118 Heidelberg

Kosten: 40

Spezialangebot: Wenn du diesen Workshop zusammen mit dem FREEDOM of the SPINE WORKSHOP (am 03.11.2019 um 14:30 - 18:00 Uhr) buchst, zahlst du für beide nur 70 €.


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